A Serissa Bonsai

Serissa blooms sporadically. Serissa is a genus in the family rubiaceae which contains the serissa japonica species and is a popular specimen for bonsai trees.

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Flowering white serissa is an evergreen or semi evergreen flowering shrub that is native to southeast asia and is found commonly in india china and japan.

A serissa bonsai. Serissa foetida is an attractive little plant with a big secret. All of these attributes combined make the. These are representative of just a few of our home grown serissa.

Our homes are too warm and dry for most plants and in winter when light levels are low a very warm situation will encourage the tree to grow. They sell too fast to keep track of. Serissa are more difficult to keep than the chinese elm.

Drastic temperature drops are not tolerated avoid unnecessary changes of the tree s position but from autumn to spring the serissa must be placed in the house or a heated conservatory at. There are a few varieties which have been cultivated from the single genus found in the wild. When you bruise or prune it serissa emits an unpleasant odor.

And the serissa has more than just beautiful foliage to offer. Specific bonsai care guidelines for the serissa. Make sure you have all the pots soil and mesh you will need for repotting in spring.

This tree is well known in the bonsai community for the minute white flowers that can grow year round in the right conditions. Serissa bonsai trees serissa foetida. It also grows remarkably fast and responds well to severe pruning.

Overwintering serissa bonsai is a skilled job and requires a little more care than some species. The serissa bonsai is a unique beautiful bonsai tree. It can be found in southeast asia anywhere from india and china all the way to japan.

Fortunately the smell doesn t last too long. Bonsai serissa bonsai for beginners. Also known as snow rose or tree of a thousand stars.

We ship you the best ones. The four serissa pictured on the right are the evergreen variegated variety. Serissa get there name from to smell which is produced when the tree is pruned.

Winter is a fairly quiet time for bonsai. It is most definitely winter in new zealand with snow in the south island and wind and rain here in the north island. It grows in wet meadows and open sub tropical woodlands.

Bonsai enthusiasts love it for its ever present white flowers that gave it the nickname tree of a thousand stars. It is however a good time to start to plan ahead. Notable is a variegated version which we sell a lot of.

It is commonly referred to as tree of a thousand stars and was formerly called serissa foetida. The two serissa pictured on the left are the tiny leaf evergreen kyoto variety. A serissa is a shrub commonly found in southeast asia in hot and humid environments.

The serissa likes a sunny wind protected place outside during the growing season as long as the night temperatures stay above 50 f 10 c. Serissa bonsai tree also called snow rose and tree of a thousand stars.

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